We offer setup a Remote Real-time Operations Center (RTOC) for all on site engineering and supervision in office . The concept is simple, using information-sharing technology, software, the high speed internet  to build a collaborative hub that gather and centralize all expertise and resources to improve well construction quality, time, cost and safety. Monitoring can be done through high speed EDR system and accurate drilling monitoring can be done by utilizing data streams from the rigs instrumentation contractor. In some cases, minor equipment changes, such as electronic hookload indicators, need to be installed on the rig for accurate measurements, and two-way communications by phone, messenger or both, is required, particularly during critical measurement operations, such as connections, picking up BHA, changes in pipe type/weight, etc. Remote monitoring is only recommended after a period of onsite training, where our ERD Specialists can train the drillers, hands on, in ERD techniques, to the point that they are capable of performing the tasks adequately with little additional coaching.

Across train manage and supervise all directional drilling company's asset including motor, MWD, subs and stabs and no more directional drilling is required on site resulting in having less crew on risky drilling operation site, lower down associated travelling and accommodation cost and also improving job quality as doing multiple wells at the same time with same engineers enhance learning curve.

Although there will be huge and gigantic benefits in RTOC but there are some challenges that need to be taken into considerations and get prepared for them.

Getting RTOC in place is not difficult and like many other technologies its components are readily available but it would have been hard to make it work.

It requires significant change in work flow and as a new echo-system, people need to be adapted. We do it for you.