Data Analysis

Connecting Teams with Insightful Information

KPI Dashboards

Customizable metrics based on your

operations from single string to multi-rig

fleets. Identify opportunities for accelerated

learnings and continuous improvement that

impact business performance.

Live Test Streaming

Real-time streaming for assurance of critical

and change management operations. Integrate

teams, SMEs and regulators as required.

Data Integration Services

Seamlessly integrate all well barrier integrity data through APIs for blending and storing in your data pool.


Data Archival Access

Secure cloud-based tool that allows you to retrieve old tests, organize results to share best practices and drive performance across teams.

Visualization Is The Key In Improvement and Benchmarking

Visualization enable us to understand

and interoperate complicated relationships

between various variables in one glance.

In fact, we can eliminate creating sophisticated

mathematical models and rely on

existing real data.