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Drilling Engineering

Master Development Plan

We create master development plan based on clients requirement with cooperation of subsurface, reservoir, petrophysics and production engineers to maximize the field production with optimized reservoir management.

Well Design

We establish a design basis and utilize experience from offset wells to optimize hole sizes, well profile, sections lengths, casing/liner sizes, mud and cement to achieve the objectives of the well (explore, produce, inject) in a safe and cost efficient way. Stresscheck™ as well as production load assessments (WellCat™) are used to calculate casing loads.

Completion Design
We provide a fit for purpose engineering solution to meet field development plans, lifecycle well integrity and production requirements. We select the best technology for the job, supported by tubing stress analysis, upper and lower completion design, metallurgy assessment and sand control and fluids design. WellCat™ is used to calculate temperature profiles and production tubing stresses.

Well Test Design

We specify the well test string and components and surface processing equipment to achieve the objectives of the flow test. WellCat™ is used to calculate test string loads.

Abandonment Design

We assess various abandonment solutions for single or multiple wells to ensure that we achieve a leak tight, regulatory compliant and cost efficient design. Together with our well integrity and intervention experts we can assess and rank entire well portfolios to optimize P&A strategies.

Technical Incident Investigations

We assist clients with technical investigation of unplanned events (i.e. packer or cementing failures, stuck pipe, etc.) or significant cost overruns. This may include assessments of the organization’s capacities, competencies and structure.